Securing America's Future Energy

SAFE Applauds Easement on Dakota Access Pipeline, While Urging Comprehensive Approach to Boosting Energy Security

Contact: Leslie Hayward
Number: 202-461-2364

Washington, D.C.—Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE) commends the Trump administration for its decision to provide an easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline. Reliable infrastructure is a critical element to improving domestic oil production—a critical element of a comprehensive energy security policy. However, infrastructure alone cannot fully insulate the country from oil price volatility and foreign interference in the oil market.

“We applaud this administration’s commitment to domestic oil infrastructure,” said Robbie Diamond, the President and CEO of SAFE. “Pipelines are the safest and most efficient method of transporting oil and natural gas across the country, and the Dakota Access pipeline improves access to our domestic oil resources. However, pipelines and increased supply alone cannot fully insulate the nation from OPEC and other national oil companies’ market manipulation. We need to build on decisions like today’s to produce a broader plan that includes fuel choice options, like electricity and natural gas, for consumers. That larger plan will ensure the U.S. achieves true energy security. We look forward to partnering with the administration in pursuit of its goal of making the U.S. independent of the OPEC cartel and reducing our nation’s dependence on an oil market that is neither free nor transparent.”

The United States currently depends on oil to power 92 percent of its transportation system, undermining American economic and national security. Thanks to the domestic production boom, the infrastructure that supports it and moves like the one announced today, the U.S. is moving a few steps closer to blunting the impacts of global oil market manipulation.

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