Securing America's Future Energy

92% of America’s transportation sector is monopolized by a single fuel—oil.

This exposes our country’s economic and national security to a volatile and easily manipulated global oil market. America must address its overwhelming reliance on oil in three ways:

Increase Fuel Efficiency in U.S. Transportation

Reduce the United States’ demand for oil through improved vehicle efficiency, limiting the negative effects of an unpredictable global oil market

Improve Fuel Diversity in U.S. Transportation

Accelerate the use of alternatives to power our cars, trucks, and aircraft, taking advantage of abundant, domestic, and secure fuel sources like electricity and natural gas.

Expand Production of Our Domestic Resources

Safely and responsibly produce our oil and natural gas resources here at home to improve the balance of trade, strengthen our economy, and create well-paying jobs.


SAFE unites prominent military and business leaders to develop and advocate for policies that improve America’s energy security by significantly curtailing our dependence on oil and promoting responsible use of our domestic energy resources. SAFE relies on the knowledge and experience of four-star retired military officers, Fortune 500 CEOs, and its expert staff to produce high-quality, fact based analysis and policy recommendations for lawmakers, regulatory agencies, and the public.

Armed with a deep understanding of the issues, SAFE leads the conversation on energy and transportation policy with the goal of bolstering America’s economic and national security. Agile and multidisciplinary, SAFE maintains a strategic ability to adapt to the rapidly evolving energy and transportation landscape with real-time, up-to-date analysis and recommendations.


Energy Security Leadership Council

The Energy Security Leadership Council (ESLC) brings together some of America's most prominent business and military leaders to support a comprehensive, long-term policy to reduce U.S. oil dependence and improve energy security.

Diplomatic Council on Energy Security

The Diplomatic Council on Energy Security is a bipartisan coalition of former U.S. ambassadors who speak to the diplomatic and foreign policy constraints and dangers created by the nation's oil dependence.

Commission on Energy and Geopolitics

The Commission on Energy and Geopolitics is a bipartisan group of former high-ranking military and government officials dedicated to enhancing U.S. national security in an era of rapidly evolving energy markets.

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SAFE depends on a hard-working team of policy, political, finance, and communications experts to accomplish its mission.


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