Securing America's Future Energy

Autonomous Vehicle Task Force

The Autonomous Vehicle Task Force is a group of leading experts who will guide SAFE as it develops an action plan to facilitate the widespread deployment of this transformative technology. Taking full advantage of the safety, economic, and national security benefits of driverless cars and trucks will require a concerted effort on the part of the public and policymakers to allow the technology to flourish, avoiding excessive regulation and creating policy only if necessary. As with all new products, autonomous vehicles will experience constant evolution, and it is important to get them on the road as soon as possible.

Members of SAFE’s Autonomous Vehicle Task Force include:

  • Larry Burns, Advisor to Google and former Corporate Vice President for Research and Development at General Motors
  • Rutt Bridges, geophysicist and author of “Driverless Car Revolution”
  • Mike Granoff, Principal, Maniv Mobility
  • Chunka Mui, Co-founder and Managing Director of The Devil’s Advocate Group and author of “The New Killer Apps: How Large Companies can Out-Innovate Start-Ups”
  • Mark Platshon, Managing Director, Icebreaker Ventures
  • Peter Shannon, Managing Director, Firelake Capital Management
  • Evangelos Simoudis, Senior Managing Director, Trident Capital
  • Levi Tillemann-Dick, Jeff and Cal Leonard Fellow, New America Foundation and author of “The Great Race: The Global Quest for the Car of the Future”

Driverless cars present a compelling case for consumers and businesses, affecting nearly every industry. For some, the implications are enormous, as autonomous vehicles would transform the model on which they operate. The lure of newly liberated free time, lower fuel costs, and reduced or eliminated operations and maintenance expenses—as well as the unparalleled benefits to U.S. energy security—illustrate the importance of getting these vehicles to market.

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